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Mauritius has firmly carved its place as one of the most important investment platforms to the African, European and Asian continents. The main features of Mauritius when compared to other jurisdictions are quite notable and some are listed below:

(i) No foreign exchange control policy;

(ii) No capital gains tax;

(iii) Bilingual capable labor;

(iv) No transfer pricing policy;

(v) Tax rates as low as 3% for certain types of companies;

(vi) Tax holidays of up to 8 years for certain structures set up in Mauritius;

(vii) Business finance opportunities as from 5% (rates vary on a case to case basis)

(viii) Multiple Free trade agreements with African, Asian, and GCC Countries

(ix) Over 100 Non-Double Taxation Agreements Globally

(x) Multiple Foreign Direct Investment Schemes that grant Residency & Tax Benefits

(xi) Robust Digital Assets Framework

(xi) Arbitration to UK High Courts

SATOSHI has a team of professionals and partners who include Grant Thornton, DLA Piper, DTOS, Stock Exchange of Mauritius, MCB Bank, AfrAsia Bank, SBM Bank etc, who will assist you in analysing your business model and determining the most appropriate mode of finance for the growth of your business.

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