Daily Update - April 23, 2020, Satoshiltd.com goes live with it's OTC Desk

$BTC 24 Hour High $7,181 $BTC 24 Hour Low $6,881 $BTC 3.9% 

Rocky Mountain Blockchain Intelligence LLC, DBA Satoshiltd.com officially launched it's OTC trade desk today. Available to sophisticated investors, Institutions, and Corporate Clients, the Satoshiltd.com Trade Desk is offering extremely competitive fees on trade execution compared to other major exchanges. The service currently offers up to USD $50K per day settlement on Fiat. This will increase to $1.5M USD daily settlement on fiat within the next 30 days. The platform has no limit for USDT ERC20, and BTC settlement. The platform offers swift 24 hr account funding in USD on international wire, and same day for US domestic ACH. The Trade Desk Offers Support for: BCH BTC ETH LTC USDT-ERC20 XRP

Parties wishing to take advantage of Satoshiltd.com Trade Desk are requested to contact: onboarding@satoshiltd.com

Digital asset markets rebounded overnight.  Traditional equities also recovered from its worst sell-off in three weeks as bullish investors seem to be looking ahead to another stimulus package, to spur on the economy, and are mobilizing  idle capital to capture the anticipated bounce to follow.  VIX dropped -7.5% to 42 after moving up two consecutive days. Digital assets market:

  • $BTC +3% breaks through 7k and is currently trading above its 10 day and 50 day moving averages. 

  • $BTC dominance unchanged overnight at 63.5%. 

  • $BTC futures volume decreases to below 10B, aggregated over the top traded platforms with 1.89B open contracts, just under 2m short contracts liquidated on the day’s move up. 

  • Desk is seeing several large funds’ trading activity increase, two way flow on $BTC. 

  • $USDT volumes stagnant as arb window tightens, largely affecting natural payment provider flow. Previously saw more buying activity on our end. 

Alt market:

  • $ETH +6.2% @ 184, unable to break-through its weekly high at 190 before correcting to 185 range. RSI indicates overbought levels at 60 over 14 days and trading in the top half of the Bollinger bands. 

  • $BCH 6% @ 231. Pulling away from its rival $BSV by $40. Past two weeks have been range bound between 205<>250

  • $XTZ +8% @ 2.36, trending up as it challenges its weekly high at 2.4. Trading above the 20 day average line for Bollinger Bands for the past 2 weeks, with RSI and MACD indicating overbought levels. Technical charts forecasting a short-term correction.  News that caught our eye:

  • Cuba opens up its first decentralised bitcoin exchange called Qbita Exchange. Includes p2p transfers and multi-sig wallets in a country known for its underdeveloped internet and infrastructure. 

  • Ripple sues Youtube for failing to protect users over recent cryptocurrency scams claiming to give away free $XRP 

  • Chinese blockchain-based pilot platform successfully completes its first cross-border trades with the USA, Mexico and India. Transaction speeds significantly improved from 12 hours to 10 minutes in compared to traditional methods

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