Daily Market Update - November 26, 2020- BTC retraces along with DOW, S&P

Traditional markets are undergoing an overdue correction with US equities benchmarks slipping overnight (DOW dropped 0.58% after breaking new ATH at 30,000). The markers were not helped by reports of 780K people filing for unemployment insurance, increasing for the second-consecutive week as the lack of stimulus and rising cases of COVID overcast the hopes of an eventual vaccine and a return to “normal daily life”. Equities previously climbed off the news that former Fed Chair, Janet Yellen, has been tipped to take the Treasury Secretary seat in the Biden-Harris administration and the expectation that another stimulus round would come once the dust settles from the transition between the US presidents.

Digital assets market:

  • Digital assets market cap dropped $21B overnight to $551B after rejecting $600B a couple days prior with $BTC rejecting $19,500s. 

  • $BTC’s dance with $19K lasted only a couple days as it currently trades back down to $17,400 with technical analysis showing RSI above 70 levels for an entire month.  Glassnode reported that its Active Supply 6m-12m (1d MA) just reached a 17-month low of 1,814,754.040 $BTC (from its previous 17-month low of 1,814,764.022 BTC). 

  • $BTC dominance 62.2%, with peaks of 64% earlier in the week

  • $ETH held onto $600 levels for three days before a -6% correction overnight dropping it to $575 levels to start this morning. $ETH is up 4% over the week and up 38% over the past month. ETH/BTC climbed as high as 0.034 levels over the past few days after reversing the impact made from the BTC run last month which dropped it by -18% to lows of 0.026.

Alts and DeFi watch:

  • $XRP reached two year highs over the hype surrounding its Spark airdrop. It peaked at 0.79 a couple of days ago and has since dropped 10% to 0.64 levels on extreme overbought levels. $XRP is now up 38% for the week and 160% over the past month. CEO Brad Garlinghouse echoed the same sentiment as Mike Novogratz (see below) with $BTC now proving that it has a store of value with institutions moving the bar 

  • DeFi market cap slid sharply, dropping below 14B after sliding 300m overnight as the top ten coins in the sector saw drops averaging 7-8% across $YFI, $SNX $AAVE, $UNI and $LINK

In the News

  • Pantera Capital declared a “bitcoin” shortage thanks to Paypal claiming its users are buying up 70% of the new minted supply.

  • VanEck creates a new Bitcoin ETN product listed on the Deutsche Borse Xetra, physically backed by coins, announcing Bank Frick as its custodian. 

  • Mike Novogratz advocates for 2-3% of net worth to be allocated to bitcoin

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