Daily Market Update- May 21, 2020 - Unknown Owner Transfers 50 BTC from a 2009 Wallet

$BTC 24 Hour High $9,804.79 $BTC 24 Hour Low $9,447.20 $BTC -1.9%

An unknown owner of a 2009 Bitcoin wallet transferred 50 BTC yesterday sparking major speculation, and markets reacted slightly down. The transfer was made from one wallet to another and not to an exchange. The wallet containing 50 BTC was from Febuary 2009, and was mined just one month after main net launch prompting speculators to question whether Satoshi's coins were on the move. The coins were transferred to two different wallet addresses. 82M long futures and 6M shorts liquidated over the past 24 hours moved down, with the bull/bear indicator at 70:30.

More sophisticated analysis casts doubt on Nakamoto’s connection to these coins. Analysis of the habits of a single, early miner has been used to develop the “Patoshi pattern,” which is believed to indicate which blocks Nakamoto most likely mined and those he didn’t. 

The “Patoshi” miner is believed to be Nakamoto, according to the hashrate analysis. (Source)

Credit: http://satoshiblocks.info/

Total Digital Assets Market cap was down -5.21% to $262 Billion, with BTC dominance at 66.7% down slightly at -0.30% and 24 hour volume down -4.63 to $117.3 Billion. Notable mover yesterday THETA Thetatoken was up +37.13%. Bitcoin is still up more than 90% since the March 16th Corona Virus lock downs began.

Canadian e-commerce giant Shopify will now give it's merchants options to accept Cryptocurrency. Cayman based CoinPayments announced the deal allowing merchants on Shopify the option to accept payments in Cryptocurrency.

Traditional markets were down today on news that millions more American's had filed for unemployment this month. NASDAQ, DOW, RUSSEL, S&P, and Gold were all down. Victoria's Secret announced that it would close 23% of it's North American stores, and Macy's announced loss forecast of $1.1B.

The US Senate passed a Bill that could see Chinese Foreign Companies de-listed from US Stock exchanges. The Bill introduced by Democratic Senator Brad Sherman of California quickly passed through the Senate with unanimous support, and is expected to quickly pass through the House before signed into law by President Trump. The Bill is expected to be signed into law within the next few weeks, and was introduced on the back of the Luckin Coffee scandal which revealed that it had fabricated 2019 sales figures.

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