Daily Market Update - January 4, 2021- Bitcoin opens 2021 $30k! Business Updates at Satoshi Ltd.

Happy New Year, and a very healthy and prosperous wish to our readers for 2021! Digital assets market:

  • We started 2021with all time highs all around;

  • Digital assets saw a significant inflow since Dec 23rd, +11B (+41%) across this period to 885B

  • $BTC prices since Dec 23rd skyrocketed from 24,000 levels to 33,500 with traded volumes through the roof. We have seen $BTC momentum taper off as it hit its current resistance level at 34,000.

  • Physical $BTC 24h volume at 67B, and aggregated $BTC futures at 75B over the past couple of days, maintaining above 40B daily volumes during this current bull run. $BTC dominance slowly dropped from >70% to ~68%. 2021 YTD up 15%, with its last 30 days performance at +73%.

  • $ETH +27% to 990, peaked at 1015 before correcting back down slightly

  • $ETHBTC finally peaked, up to 0.03 after sitting below through early November 2020 and during the $BTC run at the end of December.

Alts and DeFi watch:

  • This morning we saw the major alts along with other ERC20 tokens and DeFi responding with a bull run of their own

  • DeFi TVL reached ATH at 17.38B

  • $LTC +16% to 160 levels, up 95% over the past 30 days, and 30% 2021 YTD

  • $DOT +14% to 10.31, reached new ATH’s with +98% over the past seven days.

  • $AAVE +21% to 102.54, also at its ATH after debuting around 60 when 100 $LEND converted to 1 AAVE a few months back around 0.60 USD per $LEND

  • $SNX reached its psychological resistance at 10 levels while also reaching its ATH in the process, well over +90% over the past 30 days with 2021 YTD at +38%

News that caught our eye:

  • The Financial Times punctuated the start to 2021 for digital assets with its Jan 4th edition. Not only above-the-fold, but the leading headline to kick-off the first day of traditional market trading was setting the course for an encouraging year ahead for digital assets and should be fueling more FOMO from traditional asset allocators.

How it started... How it's going...

Business Updates from Satoshiltd.com

The company: Satoshi Ltd (Mauritius Private Limited), was sold to a Chicago Based Investment Group, and is no longer operating under the same management. The previous owners have retained the rights to the Satoshi name in Mauritius however. Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets trading will continue through Rocky Mountain Blockchain Intelligence LLC in Wyoming (BSA/Fincen) and will continue to DBA as Satoshiltd.com . Rocky Mountain Blockchain Intelligence LLC welcomes Mohammed Walid (Morgan Stanley) as it's Chief Compliance Officer. The business has entered into an MOU with US Capital Global (Finra/SIPC) for it's due diligence and compliance related to Fincen, BSA and State Compliance.

The former owners of Satoshi Ltd have formed a new consortium in Mauritius in partnership with US Capital Global Securities (Finra/SIPC), called USC Global Asset Management. The group is Licensed as a Mauritius Authorized Company. The group will continue to provide African and Middle Eastern clients consulting services; in Business & Corporate Structure, On and Offshore Structured Finance, Technology, M&A, Offshore Banking, Digital Assets & Cryptocurrencies, with a Key focus on African Market Entry and Exit through the new cooperative. US Capital Global has been operating in the US as a Finra/SIPC Licensed broker dealer for over 14 years, and now places over $1 Billion per year in private offerings. US Capital Global is additionally licensed in the UK as an FCA registered Broker Dealer.

The owners have spun off the Security Token Consulting business into a new platform called RegD.US a Wyoming Based platform for US Private Placement. The platform gives issuers the chance to manage their private placements under US SEC Regulation D, Regulation S, Regulation CF and Regulation A+. The Business offers end to end management of private placement of debt, equities, and assets, including tokenization, corporate registration & filing in Wyoming and Delaware, Bank Accounts, documentation; including PPM's, subscription agreements, business plans, and term sheets. The platform features: fully automated KYC/AML/Accredited Investor Check, Secure Data Room, Docusign Integration, ACH/Wire and Crypto Enabled, and Escrow for issuers. RegD.US has partnered with North Capital Securities (Finra/SIPC) and US Capital Global Securities (Finra/SIPC) for the issuance and placement of securities on it's platform.

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