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SATOSHI LTD is at the forefront of Digital Asset Consulting and Financial Innovation for inclusion. Marrying the best in class Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Solutions with Legacy Finance and Capital Systems to bring in an era of comprehensive Total Digital Finance.

-Security Token Offering, a security token offering may be undertaken in Mauritius under private placement regulation (up to 25 sophisticated investors) for debt, equity, real estate etc. For tokenized offerings that target a broader investor audience their are Collective Investment Scheme licensing. We recommend undertaking STO's under traditional asset offerings frameworks and can consult and advise on the correct structure for your project. The team has participated in numerous ICO's, IEO, and STO offerings since 2017 on a global basis, and the founder is one of the first to advocate for a legal framework by which to offer Tokenized securities. We offer consulting for Tokenomics, White Paper Services, Private Placement Documentation, STO Exchange Listing, IEO Exchange offering, Marketing etc. We can also assist with structuring and set up of entities for private placement, fund licensing, and Stock Exchange of Mauritius Listing.  

- USA private placement under Reg D, Reg S, Reg A+ 

-Corporate Structure and Registration. We do entity structure & registration in Mauritius, Cayman, UK, Singapore, Wyoming, Delaware. SPV's and corporate registration for debt and equity finance, STO's, Funds, Holding, Trade Finance etc. Bank accounts in USD, EUR, GBP etc.

-Debt / Equity / Private Placement Finance Structures for Mid Cap Companies and Ventures up to $500,000,000.00. We can assist with debt finance in Mauritius up to $200 Million USD, Equity up to $80 Million. In USA we can assist with Debt or Equity Finance up to $500 Million and likewise in UK. We use the best legal teams and brokers in the world for Mid Cap finance. See our partners below. 


-We have an extensive and deep network of Global high-net-worth private investors, institutional investors, and registered investment advisors who make equity investments in early and growth-stage companies from $5,000,000 upwards. Our equity campaigns use a variety of tried-and-tested methods to reach our investor community. We use a personal approach in our close investor relationships and very well-attended “road show” events to reach investors. We utilize the latest in securities Reg-tech to digitally showcase investments on our custom offering platform, and widely advertise those same offerings through conventional high-impact PR and marketing, as well as social media. All securities are offered through our licensed partners like: US Capital Global Securities LLC; FINRA and SIPC, and Grant Thornton; CFA FSC. 


-STO/IEO Exchange Listing: We partner with Exchanges & Private Investor Platforms for Tokenized Security products and crowd-funding in Singapore, Korea, Switzerland, USA, UK, and Mauritius. 


-We facilitate M&A transactions and can facilitate finance for those transactions with debt or equity, as needed. Our team’s long and well-documented history in corporate finance has equipped us with the skills necessary to assess a potential buyer’s capability to close a deal with leverage or equity. Our asset managers are able to quickly access the value derived through leverage of all asset types, such as Machine and Equipment, Real Estate, Private Stock Portfolio, IP, and other assets. Our deep connections in the private equity and venture capital community allow us to readily assess valuations and identify potential buyers. Because of our team’s long experience in business, we are continuously approached by strong private equity buyers looking for targets in tech, health care, manufacturing, B2B and B2C commerce, media and entertainment, and other target-rich industries.


-Real Estate: Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Hospitality. Real estate and construction are increasingly offering growth opportunities, but they also require significantly higher levels of capital expenditure. Structuring and securing the right business financing is therefore essential. Debt / Equity / STO for real estate.






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