'We have proposed a system for electronic transactions without relying on trusT'-SATOSHI NAKAMOTO

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Rocky Mountain Blockchain Intelligence LLC is a Wyoming registered entity dba Satoshiltd.com

Our mission is to: (at its core) create new wealth for it's customers, by expanding access to the new decentralized marketplace of digital assets and crypto-currencies, through it's boutique OTC market place*. Providing deep order book liquidity and secure insured trade order execution on the Crypto-Currency side. And top notch Digital Asset consulting, taking into account the latest in Fintech regulations, and Compliance Requirements globally. We work with best in industry, legal and CFA's in the world, like DLA Piper, and Grant Thornton. We currently have partners on 5 continents, with daily open liquidity in the Billions and Guaranteed Trade order execution to $20M USD per trade. We operate with military grade security, and all trades are end to end insured.

Our inspiration is that a new system of non-inflatable, secure, digital, electronic, peer to peer cash, (as described by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto in his now infamous Bitcoin Whitepaper) might be a hedge to hyperinflation of fiat currency, and unprecedented levels of inflation in both private and public debt & equities markets. 


What has emerged from that original whitepaper, and the years of dedicated development by Bitcoin core developers, as well as many other new protocols, is an entirely new and seemingly decoupled asset class. This was demonstrated on Monday March 23, 2020, when the Top Ten Cryptocurrencies were trading green against NYSE, Nasdaq, DOW, Crude, HangSeng, Sensex, etc. An extraordinary feat of decoupling, especially, considering the extraordinary level of controls that exist on these markets, and the extreme level of uncertainty in markets at this time.


Indeed, we are now light years from 2008. And many thousands of new crypto-currencies have emerged, not just crypto currencies; Smart contracts, Tokenized Shares, Smart Warrant Contracts, Tokenized Notes, Tokenized Debt Instruments, Tokenized Convertible Notes, Tokenized Real Estate, Smart Contract enabled Escrow, in fact, a complex environment of Tokenized and Smart Contract enabled platforms, including; fully decentralized, semi centralized and centralized, digital systems of clearing and settlement that largely cut out the need for middle men, and increase market efficiencies in many ways. An incredible new system of VC and marketplace finance. Our mission is to provide platform access to a system, that provides; best in class security, robust compliance standards, streamlined market integration, and extremely personalized attention to details.


For the first time ever, we are seeing crypto-currencies and digital assets trade outside of Traditional Market Forces. Digital assets and crypto-currencies are still incredibly volatile, but, still, no one can argue the extraordinary year on year appreciation in value, (especially relative to dollar inflation standards) of Bitcoin and other related crypto-currencies and digital assets.  What we see now is the emergence of a completely decoupled system of finance in crypto-currencies and digital assets, one that is seemingly unbound to hyper inflation of dollarized assets. 

Join our community and join the future of finance. 

*OTC Available only to Sophisticated & Discriminating clients who understand complex markets and market volatility


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